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Language Graph

Goto the Language Graph Home to learn about the senses and their relationships. Use the query API to retrieve content.

Sense Analysis

Goto the Sense Analysis Home to learn how to turn documents, search queries, and social media into connected senses.

Query Rewriting

Goto the Query Rewriting Home to learn how to rewrite search queries into multiple equivalent expressions.


The semantic matching API indicates whether one or more senses are present in a document. This is used for social media filtering, search, etc.

My Projects

See your existing projects and create new projects at My Projects. (You need at least one project to use the API.)

Code Examples

Get started quickly using the code samples in C++, Python, Ruby, and Java.

Client Plugins

jQuery plugins for integrating sense selection in web applications.


We are providing several datasets of sense annotated documents for building models and performing experiments. See Datasets.