Twitter Filtering Demo

The Twitter Filtering demo processes a partial real-time feed of Twitter messages that contain a word and determines whether the specified sense is present.

Looking for suggestions? Try: Apple/N8 (computer brand), VISA/N2 (credit card)

  • How it Works

    • The Twitter search API is used to identify the last 50 Tweets that contain the selected word. For some words, that is the traffic for the last few minutes, for others, it will be the traffic for the last few days.
    • Tweets are processed with Sense Analysis and the Match API.
    • Those identified by the Match API as containing the target sense or an equivalent sense are highlighted green.
    • The non-relevant Tweets are displayed in grey to highlight the irrelevant content that was processed and discarded.
    • One Tweet is displayed every 2.5 seconds for readability.
    • Find out more by reading about Social Media Monitoring solutions and Matching / Sense Analysis developer APIs.