Twitter Filtering Demo

The Twitter Filtering demo processes a partial real-time feed of Twitter messages that contain a word and determines whether the specified sense is present. Looking for suggestions? Try: Apple/N8 (computer brand), VISA/N2 (credit card)

Language Graph Browser

The Language Graph Browser provides a graphical representation of the content of Idilia's Semantic Knowledge Base. Users can search for a word or a word sense to display its information.

Search Retargeting

This demo shows how a single query from a search history can be expanded into multiple versions to increase the reach of display advertising campaigns.

Keyword Expansion

This demo illustrates the power of the Query Rewriting Service to generate alternate keywords from a seed expression in the context of Internet Advertising.  

Sense Mapping Demo

The Sense Mapping demo takes unstructured text and adds links to external sources (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Twitter verified accounts) and to Idilia's own Language Graph.

Query Rewriting

This demo generates multiple rewrites for a given search query. These could be used to increase recall.