In 1998, research began into identifying a promising approach to build commercially viable word sense disambiguation technology, capable of close-to-human performance. After comprehensive analysis of key problems, including an exhaustive analysis of the latest research and results, Idilia was founded in April 2000 to develop natural language processing technology based on new and innovative research approaches to word sense disambiguation and semantic analysis. Thanks to several rounds of private funding, including investments from institutional investors The Hearst Corporation and Sciens Capital, as well as National Research Council of Canada grants, Idilia has been able to develop its cutting-edge technology.

Key milestones

  • Research began: September 1998
  • Company founded: April 2000
  • Software development began: April 2000
  • First investment from sources external to the company: August 2002
  • WSD performance surpassed 80% coarse sense accuracy (documents): July 2004
  • Initial results of Idilia WSD technology in search and Internet advertising applications: March 2005
  • WSD performance surpassed best reported SENSEVAL score (including outliers): June 2005
  • One millionth line of code written: October, 2005
  • Language Graph surpassed one million word senses: October 2006
  • Wikipedia mined for the first time: March 2007
  • WSD performance surpassed 70% accuracy for queries: April 2007
  • Language Graph surpassed five million word senses: September 2007
  • MusicBrainz mined for the first time: January 2008
  • Language Graph surpassed nine million word senses: January 2011
  • Paraphrasing API released: October 2011
  • Sense Mapping demo and Language Graph Viewer released: December 2011