Sense Mapping

  • My document is a long list of one liners that do not always end with punctuation. How can I ensure that each line is considered a sentence?

    You should pre-process your text to wrap it as HTML where each line is inside its own paragraph. You can then submit it with parameter textMime set to “text/html”.

  • Why is the text returned by Sense Mapping changed to plain ASCII?

    The word sense disambiguation technology uses only ASCII characters. Some Unicode symbols are mapped to their “word” equivalent.

  • How can I use Sense Mapping to add links to the Web content I’m publishing?

    The API used in the Sense Mapping Demo is not publicly available. Please contact us if you are interested in this functionality.

  • Why is text/disambiguate returning a truncated document?

    API parameter maxTokens determines the maximum number of tokens (includes words and punctuation) that are processed in the document. Beyond this number the rest of the document is ignored and the analysis performed only on the retained fragment.

Query Rewriting

  • Why does requery rewriting sometimes return only the original query?

    This can occur in a few situations. Most often because either Sense Analysis could not determine the correct senses with enough confidence or because a long named entity (proper noun) was created for the entire sequence.

Language Graph

  • Why is the API not returning all the nodes that I can see with the browser?

    This API is limited to return at the most 10 children nodes when using the default account profile. There is no limit for parenting relationships. For example, “properties” will return a number beyond 10 but “propMembers” is limited to 10.